What to feed the Vietnamese piglets


It would seem that it could be easier than to feed the pig? It is not even a large individual and at the same time eats everything! But it turns out the diet of pigs, and first of all the young, strongly affects their performance and health. Therefore, the article will discuss how to feed the Vietnamese pigs.

What is the right diet?

The weight gain of piglets is directly dependent on the diet. In various cases it is necessary that they actively develop. Below are recommendations on how to feed Vietnamese piglets so that they quickly gain weight, as well as the norms and characteristics of the diet.

Introduction of feeding for piglets

  • Feeding piglets with simple food begins around the second week of birth. For young animals, the food is soft. For example, cereal grains are well crushed before cooking, greens, hay, and root vegetables should be finely chopped until the animal starts to eat from the mother’s trough or to tear grass (hay) on its own.
  • Pigs who already eat regular food, and not just suck mom, feed 2 times a day in summer and 3 times in winter.
  • Food for young stock is prepared daily. It is made from equal parts of grain (porridge) and mash (vegetables, fruits, greens).
  • The amount of feed depends on the age of the pigs. From 5 to 20 days, they receive no more than 200 g of food per individual. By the 40th day, the amount increases to 1.1 kg, and from 2 months up to 2 kg of food is obtained on the stigma.

What are the features of the composition of the feed?

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With the correct composition of the feed fed daily to the piglets, they will gain a live weight, dump excess fat on walks and actively grow. What is the Vietnamese piglets fed?

Vitamin supplement Prelak

  • High-quality grain - the basis of the diet, or at least a significant part of it. But not all grains are eaten. Rye, wheat, barley will bring the greatest benefit.
  • In the summer you need an abundance of greenery. Best suckling piglet legumes: alfalfa, clover.
  • Apples, carrots, pears, pumpkin and zucchini are an indispensable part of the diet. This breed loves them very much and, once having tried it, the pig will happily seek out a treat in the trough. In addition - it is a useful culture, containing a lot of vitamins and a positive effect on the health and digestion of young.
  • Sometimes piglets can be eaten, namely whey and eggs can be added to the milk. This is not only beneficial for them, but also delicious.
  • Up to 3 months, nutrition includes the vitamin supplement Prelak or any other similar type. It contributes to the development and growth of young.
  • Every day, the food is slightly salted (0.5 dessert spoons per bucket of food), and 10 days a month you need to add to the same bucket of food, 2 tbsp. l fish oil.

For the breeder it is also useful to learn about how to feed the Vietnamese pigs is impossible. So, there are some products in the list, but they should be avoided as much as possible.

The rate of consumption of nutrients for complete feeding of pigs

  • Straw and beets can harm the pigs' esophagus. Even in adult pigs, they are poorly digested, and in young animals, they can cause a number of dangerous diseases.
  • There should be a little water in the porridges and the mixers; you should not dilute food to a liquid composition. The reason is that while chewing dry food, piglets produce more saliva, which contributes to better digestion.
  • Corn and oats should be discarded - they are deposited in fat and are not nutritious. In the diet, they should total no more than 10%, but it is better not to give them at all.

What experts advise?

Nutritional Supplements in Piglets Diet

  • Some breeders are wondering - what to feed the Vietnamese piglets so that they quickly gain weight? Professional farmers in this case recommend nutritional supplements that increase the nutritional value of the feed, and not its calorie content. Such supplements can be purchased at various pet stores. But to give preference to better good brands that are not cheap - over time, the price will more than pay off.
  • Vietnamese pigs can be picky in their choice of feed, this also applies to piglets. Therefore, so that they actively gain weight, they need high-quality, nutritious food.
  • Part of the correct diet is frequent walking in warm seasons. The young must walk, eat hay and grass in the street on their own, and, moreover, dump excess fat. If you fatten them up and prevent them from moving, this will lead to obesity.
  • Some farmers include oats and corn in piglet diets. Not that it was wrong, just the nutritional value of these cultures for pigs is not. It is better to buy more inexpensive rye or yachki - at least they will pay for themselves than to feed the Vietnamese piglets with “empty” food.
  • Vietnamese pigs with an abundance of food increase the volume of fat, not meat. Therefore it is impossible to overfeed the piglets, especially the low-quality feed. This will only lead to obesity and will not give any benefit or increase in meat. Yes, the live weight will be greatly increased, but there will be little sense from this.
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