Rodrigo potato variety


In Russia, Rodrigo potatoes have long been very popular. In Ukraine and Belarus, they also love him very much and often plant him at summer cottages. Its qualities are short term of ripening, large root crops, productivity. Details on what Rodrigo potatoes are and how to grow them can be found below in the article.

Rodrigo potato variety description

Rodrigo potato variety photo

Rodrigo potato is a mid-early table variety. Vegetation period 70-85 days. It is preferable to grow in the Volga-Vyatka, Middle Volga and North Caucasus regions, but, as a rule, they grow this variety in any climatic zone due to the early ripening period. Bush high, up to 1.2 meters, half standing. There may be few or many branches - it depends on the quality of planting material, land, and maintenance. After the potatoes ripen, the pagons turn yellow and disintegrate.

The leaves are normal for the culture shape, large, dark green, wrinkled. The pubescence on the leaves is not observed, there is a slight waviness of the edge. Flowers are large, with petals purple-red color.

Tubers have a rather large mass and can reach 800 g, but more often 200-400 g. The shape is oval-oblong. The rind is thick, smooth, red. The eyes are small, located above, without depressions. The flesh is yellow. Used in the preparation of mashed potatoes, frying, cooking "in the shells", roasting.

Characteristics of Rodrigo Potatoes

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Photo of potatoes

Rodrigo variety is distinguished by an abundance of positive qualities and has practically no flaws.

  • Potatoes are developing well, small tubers almost never come across.

  • Tuber marketability is high. Due to the fact that the eyes are superficial, not buried, buyers love and appreciate this variety. And the red color of the peel is considered attractive.

  • There is immunity to certain diseases.

  • This is a delicious potato. Starch content is 12.5-15.4%.

  • Drought resistant and heat resistant.

  • It is not afraid of mechanical damage, so it is easy to transport it over short and long distances.

  • About 7-9 tubers are obtained from the bush. Per hectare yield reaches 450 centners.

  • 95% stickiness.

Important!Important! The best predecessors of the Rodrigo potato, like any other variety, are cabbage, legumes and cruciferous oilseeds like rapeseed, white mustard, oilseed radish. But after the nightshade, it is better not to plant it, because the potatoes of the same family and these plants are affected by the same diseases and pests.

Now about the shortcomings. The variety has practically none, but gardeners note that the harvest deteriorates quickly if it is overexposed in the ground.

Planting Rodrigo Potatoes

Rodrigo potatoes are planted at a depth of 10 cm

Rodrigo potatoes are grown in any type of soil. The main thing is to find a well-lit, sunny place, and enrich the land with mineral or organic substances before planting. So, since autumn, humus is introduced into the ground by digging at a full bayonet of a shovel, and in the spring, during planting in the holes, a pinch of wood ash is sprinkled, and you can get mustard powder from nematodes. The planting time of the variety is from April to the end of May, when the air temperature will be set at +22 degrees Celsius.

Interesting!Interesting! For the prevention of diseases, it is recommended to spray planting material with a solution of copper sulphate (a teaspoon per 3 liters of water) or lower the tubers into this solution for a minute.

Tubers are planted at a distance of 20-40 cm from each other to a depth of 10 cm. Between rows, leave up to 70 cm of free space.

Care culture

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Hilling potato photo

It takes as much time to take care of Rodrigo potatoes as it does for any other variety. With due attention to the harvest should be enough for the whole winter, and for sale!

  • Watering is carried out rarely, plentifully. During the season, you can just water the potatoes three times well, this will be enough even with a dry summer.

  • Weeds are harvested as they appear, you can combine this procedure with loosening between rows, hilling or watering.

  • If a gardener wants to get rid of weeds on potato plantations through herbicides, then it should be done better before sprouting, as Rodrigo potatoes do not like these chemicals and can slow down growth.

  • To grow strong tubers, it is necessary to water the bushes under the root of calcium nitrate. For the season you need about 2 irrigations, but you can do with one.

  • Rodrigo potato is resistant to cancer, nematode, scab, late blight, but sometimes it can still hurt, so preventive treatments do not interfere.

  • Preventive treatment is carried out against pests if they are not present. The Colorado potato beetle is assembled by hand or planted with a suitable insecticide "Aktara", "Taboo", "Lightning", "Commander".

Harvest usually in 2 stages. Some potatoes are harvested young, and the rest of the crop is harvested when it reaches its final ripeness. Before collecting the bushes are cut - leave only hemp. Potatoes are dug and laid out to dry. Stored dried after digging potatoes in a dry, dark room with a temperature of about +3 degrees Celsius. To preserve safety, it is better to sort the tubers before laying for the winter.

Rodrigo potato reviews

Roast potatoes. Potato Rodrigo photo

Most gardeners love the Rodrigo potato variety. It is grown on an industrial scale.

  • Lyudmila Krivenko: "Rodrigo's potatoes like because of the color of the peel and the superficial arrangement of the eyes. It is very easy to peel, wash, look one on one, even if the sizes of the tubers are different - beautiful potatoes. I use mainly for frying - very tasty!".

  • Alexander Kuzmin: “My family loves Rodrigo's potatoes very much. Of course, he sometimes gets sick and the Colorado loves him as much as we do, but the care is worth it - the harvest is enough for the whole winter and even part of spring! My secret is the germination of roots in plastic bags.”

  • Tatyana Drozd: "Along with the varieties" Polessky pink "and" Zarevo "I grow this variety annually. Most of the crop is sold, it is bought at the market primarily because of beautiful tubers. Like Rodrigo, above all for keeping quality and simplicity of cultivation"