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Apple Candy - a domestic variety obtained by crossing the apple box and boxing. Distributed almost throughout Europe and in Russia. It is very easy to grow variety, has excellent fruit taste. Details on the characteristics of the variety and its features will be discussed later in the article.

Variety description

The apple variety of Candy ripens around August. The apple tree grows to 5 meters. The crown is wide, spreading, can be very thick, if you do not care for it. Formed usually in a spherical form. It has strong branches, dark green foliage. Flowers pale pink. Needs pollinators. For this variety fit: "Red early", "Golden Chinese", "Orlov".

Flowers pale pink

Fruits are not very large, the average weight reaches 100 g. The shape is rounded, maybe slightly flattened on top. The rind is yellowish with red or pink "cheeks". The flesh is white, sweet, juicy. When biting crunches, has a pleasant candy aftertaste. Due to this, the variety got its name. Tasting score 4 points out of 5 possible.

What are the sweetness of apple trees?

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Apple Candy has many advantages, for which he is valued by gardeners and buyers in stores and on the market.

  • In fruiting comes with 4 years after planting in a permanent place.
  • The yield of a tree is 50-100 kg of apples, depending on the age of the apple and agricultural technology. Young trees produce crops every year, and old ones a year later.

    Apples are very tasty, sweet with a strong aroma and candy flavor

  • Apples are very tasty, sweet with a strong aroma and candy flavor.
  • The variety has excellent commercial quality, there is always a great demand for it on the market and in stores.
  • It has excellent resistance to infectious diseases.
  • Winter hardiness is good. The variety is suitable for the Moscow region, can withstand temperatures down to -30 degrees.
  • Fruits are not showered even when over-singing.

Does the variety have flaws?

Candy apple variety has few disadvantages, therefore it is popular in different countries for mass and single cultivation.

  • Over-grown fruits become loose, it makes no sense to use them for sale, as they simply will not transfer the shipment.
  • The crown of a tree very quickly grows thicker, so thinning is necessary annually, or the fruit will simply not be harvested.

    The crown of a tree very quickly thickens, so thinning is necessary annual

  • Transportability is average. It is better not to transport apples of the Candy variety for long distances, they may crumple, over-ripen, take on dark spots on the road.
  • Shelf life is very short, so after picking the fruits they are usually immediately sold or processed.
  • Scab often "attacks a tree; annual processing is required of it.

Features of growing and care

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The apple variety of Candy does not have difficulties in growing, but there are several conditions, without which it simply cannot grow normally.

  • Watering is mandatory, but the tree does not need much water, so you should not be zealous. In autumn, it is generally possible not to water an apple tree, autumn rains will be quite enough.
  • Trimming is a mandatory care rule. The crown of this tree should not be thick, but due to the fact that pagons grow quickly, after 2 years it can be difficult to collect the fruits. So in the first 3 years, forming trimming is carried out, and in subsequent years, all unnecessary, dry, damaged branches are removed.
  • In the first year after planting the tree is not fertilized!

    Trimming is a mandatory care rule.

  • Fermented apple trees are usually candy during flowering under the root of potassium-phosphorus mixtures in the autumn, before winter. In the autumn, granulated superphosphate is used (it just mixes with the ground). Once every 3-4 years you need to fertilize the tree under the trunk for the winter with organic fertilizers (compost, humus).
  • In the spring and autumn it is worth treating the tree from diseases so that they do not harm the apple tree in the summer, in the midst of fruiting.
  • For the winter, the Candy-tree apple is not strongly insulated, but the layer of mulch in the tree circle will not hinder. Mulch impose a thick layer of 15-25 cm. But if you use humus or compost, it is worthwhile to make sure that they do not touch directly to the trunk of a tree, otherwise it can burn.

When to harvest and how to store the crop?

Ripening apples Candy is observed from August 15-20. In the southern regions it may occur at the beginning of August or even the end of July, and in the northern regions - closer to the beginning of autumn. The main condition for ripening apples is an adequate amount of sunlight and heat. Ripening is gradual, not massive, so during the month you can gradually process or market the sweet fruit on the market.

Gather the fruit very carefully. They are pretty soft

Gather the fruit very carefully. They are quite soft, when they fall, they fight, crack, the appearance deteriorates, so this fruit will not work for sale. It is better to use a special device or collect the fruit directly on the tree. Fruits are removed along with the stem, and if it has come off, the apple should be eaten first of all, since it will lie for a short time. The wax coating does not rub off; it is an excellent protective layer when storing apples.

Apple Candy, unfortunately, has the fruits of a short shelf life. In a cool room, at a temperature of + 3 ... +5 degrees, apples can lie no more than 3-4 weeks.

Usually the variety is used fresh. It is also very popular for sale. But if there is a lot of harvest, you can make delicious jam, jam, and juice from fruits. Also delicious apples are suitable for baking, cooking desserts. If there is a desire to preserve the fruits for the winter, they should be cleaned and frozen.

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