Peach Variety Golden Anniversary


Peach is a tasty and healthy fruit, only it is expensive. But in addition to the price of buyers often scares the composition of sweet fruits. As it is known, cultivation directly affecting fruits, pesticides, chemicals and even fertilizers can lead not only to the deterioration of the taste of peach, but also to a decrease in its benefits. In this regard, over the past 20 years, peaches have become very popular as a garden tree. Golden Anniversary Peach is one of the best varieties that can be grown in the southern and northern regions.

Variety description

The peach variety Golden Jubilee was bred in 1921 in America, and has since become widespread throughout the world. It is grown mainly in private small farms, cottages and gardens, household plots. The distribution zone covers South and North America, Europe, Asia.

The tree grows low, up to 2.5 meters, and it is valued by gardeners, because such trees are always easier to care for. The crown is wide, spreading, branching abundant. The flowers are medium in size, slightly shaped like a bell.

Pulp is orange-yellow, soft after full ripening

The fruits are hard to call big. The average weight reaches 140-170 grams, a record - 200 g. The shape is rounded-oval. The rind is golden, on the side there is always a pink or red blush. The stone is medium in size, it lags behind the pulp freely. Peel density is average. The flesh is orange-yellow, soft after full ripening, fibrous, by pressing a dent remains. It tastes sweet, sour, juicy, there may be a slight bitterness. In the composition of 9.5% of dry substances, 7.5% of sugars, 0.87% of acids.

What are the merits of the golden anniversary peach?

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To determine whether a variety is suitable for cultivation in one way or another, you can consider all its advantages and disadvantages. After all, the criteria for a good variety for each gardener may be different.

  • Early fruiting. The tree begins to yield from 3-4 years after planting in a permanent place.
  • Productivity to 40 kg from a tree. And in the best years it can reach up to 50-60 kg. On an industrial scale, usually collected at 90-200 c / ha (depending on climate and care). The peach in question produces stable, annual yields.

    Golden Anniversary Peaches have excellent commercial quality.

  • Golden Anniversary peaches have excellent commercial quality. They are beautiful, look good on the counter, attract a strong aroma.
  • Winter hardiness up to -25 degrees Celsius.
  • Almost not affected by fungal diseases.

Are there any flaws in the variety?

The ideal sort of wood does not exist, all have their drawbacks, which have to be considered. What are the disadvantages of peach varieties Golden Anniversary?

  • Winter hardiness of a tree is good, but in the middle regions it is still worth warming for the winter, and in the north, most likely, it will freeze out at the very first winter.
  • Transportability is not the best. Ripe peaches after transportation are covered with dark spots and dents. If you need to transport the fruits over long or close distances, you need to pick them a week before ripening, tightly layered in boxes. Only in this case, the quality of fruit sold after transportation may be good.

    Ripe peaches after transportation are covered with dark spots and dents.

  • The variety requires careful attention from the gardener. With poor care, the yield is reduced, the taste and quality of fruits deteriorate.
  • The variety is prone to shattering. Ripe fruits can hang on the branches for no more than 3 days, then begin to fall, beat and deteriorate.

When to harvest and how to store the crop?

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Peach Golden Jubilee ripens in early August. Although the time of ripening may vary significantly. In the southern regions the variety ripens at the beginning of the month, and in the middle ones much later. It depends on the abundance of the sun, heat. In cool and rainy summer ripening of fruits can be deposited in the middle or even the end of August!

Perederzhivat fruit on the tree is not recommended. It should immediately collect them and process, or is. The fact is that the Golden Jubilee is not inclined to keep fruits for a long time. They begin to crumble immediately after ripening, as mentioned above, and sometimes even a few days before. The quality is good. After ripening under normal conditions, the fruits of this tree can lie up to 8 days, and if you collect them a week earlier, then up to 2-3 weeks!

Often this variety is used to freeze

Golden Jubilee peaches are of universal use. They can be eaten fresh, canned, make desserts, compotes, used to decorate dishes. Often this variety is used for freezing. This is the simplest type of fruit storage, in which almost all the nutrients remain in the fruit.

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