Rosara potato variety


Potatoes - everyone's favorite culture. It is often grown in home gardens. One of the common species is rosara. Rosara potato combines an abundance of nutrients, excellent taste, resistance to certain diseases, simple care during cultivation. The article will describe the variety, its quality characteristics, peculiarities of cultivation, advantages and disadvantages.

Rosar potato variety description

Rosara potatoes - a variety of early ripening, going to the beginning of August in 70-75 days. It was obtained as a result of long selection work in Germany. Bushes are not very high - 50-55 cm, compact, do not take up much space. Flowers pink-purple color.

Flowers pink-purple color

With one bush of potatoes you can get about 15-20 tubers, but this, of course, with good care. Diseases, pests, poor soil, insufficient watering always affect yield. All tubers are usually the same size or at least approximately the same, weighing around 150 g. The shape of the tubers is oval, the peel is dirty pink, smooth with small eyes. The flesh is yellowish.

Rosara potato has a pleasant, delicate flavor. Refers to varieties of table purpose. The tubers of this variety contain many nutrients and nutrients. It is recommended for dietary nutrition, though only boiled or mashed. Starch content of up to 16%, which is low.

What are the advantages of Rozara?

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For any gardener, it is important to know the positive qualities of the variety of potatoes that he will grow. This allows you to grow a very good quality crop and profitable for yourself to use or sell it.

  • Gives high stable yields. Rosara Potatoes is ranked 4th in the list of the most fruitful table varieties in the world.
  • Precocity. The variety is early, so the gardener can get a harvest in about 70-75 days.

    The variety is early, so the gardener can get a harvest in about 70-75 days

  • Long shelf life. Rosara can lie for a very long time, if she is provided with the right conditions.
  • Excellent product quality. This is one of the few varieties that even after several months of storage will have a good view of tubers.
  • Transportability. Rozara is often grown for sale, because apart from excellent product quality, it can be transported over long distances. It endures minor mechanical damage without problems, so it does not deteriorate during transportation.
  • Rosara potatoes do not reduce yields up to 5 years - during this period you can not update the seed.
  • Rosara is resistant to potato cancer, nematode, scab, late blight of tubers, which can threaten it before harvesting.
  • Grown in different climatic zones.

Disadvantages of potato rosar

Now about the shortcomings of Rosar's potato, they are also important, because they allow to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Bushes in this variety are quite compact, but they start to nick very early.

  • The shrubs of this variety are quite compact, but they begin to nick very early, which creates certain difficulties in terms of care for the gardener.
  • The variety is not very good for frying.
  • To late blight tops weak resistance, requires regular processing.

How to grow rosar potatoes?

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As mentioned above, the yield of Rosara potatoes may be affected by any oversights during the treatment. But in principle, the variety is unpretentious, if properly approached to its cultivation.

  • Planted potatoes of this variety in any convenient and affordable method for the gardener.
  • Pests are a major threat. If you destroy them in time, there will be no problems with root vegetables. Otherwise, growth may be delayed, the tubers will become smaller, their quantity and quality will decrease.
  • Regular watering is necessary, it becomes more frequent on particularly hot summer days, and shrinking on rainy weeks.
  • Needs timely hilling.

    Needs timely hilling

  • The weather has almost no effect on the variety, except for precipitation. Frequent rains can ruin the crop. As for the temperature (high and low), the Rosara potato is not afraid of sudden and gradual changes in temperature, it grows well in the southern and northern regions.
  • Can be grown on the same place up to 5 years. However, there are some nuances. The soil is depleted from this root very slowly, but every year more pests and diseases will appear on the site. So you need to either change the plots for potatoes, or regularly spray the culture as a preventive measure.
  • Up to 400 kg of Rosar potato can be obtained from a weave with a normal nutrient content of the earth, and up to 500 kg with enriched minerals and organic matter.

How to use rosar potatoes?

When cooking it does not fall apart into small pieces

In terms of use, Rosara potatoes are versatile. It is used not only for the preparation of first, second courses, cosmetology and traditional medicine, but also as feed for livestock. So it can often be seen on the plantations of large and small farms.

Its peculiarity is that when boiling it does not fall apart into small pieces, it keeps its shape perfectly, it is suitable for french fries, cooking in slices, and mashing. It is also suitable for frying, and yet loses its richness of taste. Rozara's fried potatoes can taste pretty bland.

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