How to feed the ducks of mulard


Mularda are not capable of producing offspring, but their productive qualities are so great that this bird is considered to be one of the most popular for domestic keeping. Most often, breeders are faced with the question - what to feed the ducks of mulard at home? There is no difficulty without difficulties, as the bird requires not only high-quality, but also timely feeding. The norms and variations of the diet for the young and adult duck of the mulard will be discussed later in the article.

How to feed mulardov from the first days of life?

Before you feed the newborn duck mollard, you need to teach them to eat. Usually they are taught this "science" breeder and make it easy. In the nature of this breed there is something that moves (duckweed, worms). That is why you need to find any dark background (stand for food), it should be flat, without bending. Then food is slowly poured over it. You can pour on ducklings, they will eat right from the backs of each other. Repeating the procedure is usually not required, after the first "lesson" they already know what to do.

It is extremely important to introduce any food into the diet.

The first five days of ducklings mulardov fed every 2 hours. This is very important, so you have to tinker. You can make alarms to not miss the feed. Otherwise, the bird may grow weak.

Eating ducklings at once can be cottage cheese, chopped, boiled egg, soft steamed porridge (cereal). From the day old it is worth giving steamed and chopped corn, wheat. In a brooder, where they are held there must always be water, and you can also be given whey as a drinker.

It is extremely important to introduce any food into the diet gradually to check the reaction of the body of birds to it.

Feeding Mulard from 1 week

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With nutrition in the first week of life, everything is clear, but how to feed weekly ducks of mulard at home? Meals from 7 to 14 days almost no different from what it was before. However, it is important to exclude a fully boiled egg, as well as start giving boiled crushed potatoes. The number of meals can be gradually reduced. Now the ducklings are fed every 3 hours, that is, about 5-6 times a day.

The number of meals can be gradually reduced.

How to feed two week old ducklings?

From 14 days give chopped duckweed. It is this green is highly recommended for the rapid growth of ducklings. At the same time, it can be offered as an additive to nutrition from the first week. Since the ducks are walking (in favorable conditions) from 3-5 days, they themselves can begin to try to peck at it near the reservoir. But here in the diet, as a constant additive, duckweed is included only from 2 weeks.

From the second week to feed the ducks of mulard at home can be crushed barley, peas, except for corn and wheat. Only it is very important that there are no large pieces. And the barley before feeding should be soaked for at least 10 hours!

In addition to these products begins to be fed: meal, meat and bone meal, bran, shredded boiled carrots, beets, low-fat cottage cheese, yeast (1 g per duckling).

Ducklings Mollards now feed about 3-4 times a day.

Ducklings Mollards now feed about 3-4 times a day. This will be quite enough for them, especially since if there is walking, they can additionally eat outside the house.

What are the nutritional characteristics of adult ducks?

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After a month of life, ducks are considered adults. But how to feed the ducks of mulardov who have almost reached their final mass? The approximate daily ration of such a bird should include: 45% of corn, 13% of wheat, 17% of sunflower meal, 8% of soaked barley, 5% of yeast, 4% of fish or meat-and-bone meal, 3% of fat, and 1% of grass meal.

In addition to all of the above, the adult duck of the breed Moulard should be fed with masks of fresh greens (nettle, duckweed, tops of vegetables, leaves of trees), food waste, hay, chaff, overripe squash and cucumbers. Do not harm them also soaked stale bread, bran, feed. The latter is rarely given if the bird is kept in a private household due to the high cost, but it is very useful for this breed, because it contains everything you need for a quick set of muscle mass.

Approximate daily diet of an adult bird

Monthly individuals can be fed already 2-3 times a day at a certain time so that they get used to it. In the presence of constant walking feeding should be no more than 2 times a day.

Tips for feeding the ducks of mulard

There are a number of recommendations that give breeders duck Millard. In general, they are simple to perform, but can significantly simplify, reduce the cost of feeding, as well as preserve the health of the bird and accelerate its growth.

  • One feeder in the house is designed for no more than 12 ducks! Otherwise the birds will fight.
  • Water changes 2 times a day, as it is quickly polluted, and in summer it is drunk. The drinking bowl is always made deep so that the birds can clean their beaks in it.
  • Before feeding the ducks of mulard, who have just hatched from the shell, you need to put a weak solution of potassium permanganate in their beaks for disinfection. And in the future, you can repeat the procedure until the young grow stronger.
  • In the brooder and in the poultry house where the mulardy are kept, it is necessary to install feeders with fine gravel, chalk, and crushed shell.
  • When buying feed for ducks, it is important to specify for whom it is purchased. As the compound feed for cattle contains urea and other components that are harmful to birds.
  • Heat, midges, and stuffiness lead to fast prokisanie feed in the trough in the summer, so you should feed the birds in limited quantities, with a lack of feed in the feeder, they can find additional food on the run. But the use of spoiled food can adversely affect their health.
  • To feed the ducks of mulardov at home you need only from clean feeders. Therefore, they should be washed immediately after the bird has eaten. This reduces the risk of souring food, and also protects the house from the midges.
  • In addition to the products listed in the article. Mullards simply adore quinoa seeds and chicken millet. If there are such products, you can safely put them in a mash to increase the appetite of the birds.
  • Different chemicals, expensive substances for feeding ducks of mulard at home are not needed, they grow quickly without them. But vitamins do not interfere and will positively affect the set of muscle mass.

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